For the Wild-Hearted

I have decided to create a blog. It will be a blog for the wild-hearted. For writers and readers, makers and dreamers. For those who live to create. For anyone who enjoys pondering impossible questions just for the thrill of it, or climbing the tallest thing in sight, not only for the view, but for the climb itself.

Life is, in many ways, like climbing a mountain.

It is full of beauty and danger. The seasons change. We meet other climbers along the way. Some ascend quickly, but find no joy in the touch of sunlight or pretty rocks. Some recline on a low plateau, content to go no higher. They have put their climbing gear away. Some fall, get back up, and climb again, stronger and faster. Others, to our surprise and horror, are going the wrong way and are purposefully sliding down the mountain.

No matter where you are in your journey, this blog is about climbing the mountain. There are many ways. Some require risks, others are safe and not so thrilling. Teamwork is encouraged, but not required. If you pause, do it to examine the flowers or taste the snow, not to judge the distance climbed.

I will be talking about my way, the only way I truly know. There will be blogs about my travels, the people I meet, the strange and delightful things I learn. I will also talk about writing fiction, why I love it, how it helps me make sense of life, how it is like dancing and breathing and inventing electricity every time I sit down with a pen.

There may be digressions—entire months of blogs where the mountain does not seem to play in at all. But always, in each post, underneath everything, there will be the mountain. And as you read my words and hear my thoughts, bear this in mind. After you have conquered every obstacle, beaten every storm, and reached the peak of the mountain, are you going to be the kind of person who freezes and suffocates in the thinning air, or are you going to be ready to fly?

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