Take Your Flame, Ignite the World

One of the gifts of stories is to offer us glimpses of entire lives, so that we might witness mistakes, regrets, and tragedies that are not our own. We see grace, heroism and forgiveness and learn from it. We experience grief, so that we may better understand and formulate hope.

Ask yourself, who was I put here by God to love? With what great tenderness must I love them? Forget about false objectives and useless enchantments—things that pass away or lose shape the moment you try and grasp them.

Love the few people in life who matter most with all your heart. Cherish small moments even as greater ones crumble. Aspire toward courage in the war against your pride. And remember, you are the music while the music lasts. This earth is yours for a single, brief yet momentous song. How will you have it sound?


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