The Novel

Star Kin is available now!

To Ava, being hunted is a way of life. Her ancestors mapped the pathways of the multiverse, but they are all gone. And now those who seek the power to walk through worlds are looking for her.

She’s lost her friends, her home, even her adoptive father, Lux, with no real hope of getting them back. But everything changes when she meets Oberon, a spirit-guide in the body of a tattooed desert boy, and sets out across dimensions to find her father. What she finds instead is cosmic magic better left alone, help in the form of a vigilante princess, and a nameless enemy who may be the cause of her exile in the first place.

As Ava digs deeper into her past, the girl she thought she was begins to unravel. What remains is no abandoned waif, but a fallen star who has forgotten her origins. The closer she gets to Oberon, the more she remembers. And the clearer it becomes that whatever force drove her from the sky is still hunting her. Then, one night, her enemy strikes, separating her from Oberon and threatening the world she loves. If Ava wants to find her father, save Oberon, and ever see her true home again, she will have to save this one first.

Running Chicken

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