The Author

cropped-authorphoto5.jpgBrian Toups grew up on the beach. In his younger and more vulnerable years he spent his days reading the Narnia series, water skiing, and writing sweeping 500,000 word epics inspired by 32-bit video games. He is a child at heart and can be found on the dock, sometimes reading, sometimes falling asleep with a book on his face.

He left the beach for Florida State University where he received two degrees, one in Philosophy, the other in Creative Writing. As you might imagine, the job choices were endless. He enjoys surfing and astrophotography, but has never once averted his eyes from the dream of being an author. His work has been featured occasionally in Zetetic and Every Day Fiction. He is also a recipient of the Congressional Award Gold Medal, Congress’ highest award for youth.

Today, Brian lives part time on Earth, part time in the multiverse of fantasy. When not telling stories, he enjoys meeting new characters, both real and imaginary, and counts Aragorn, Kvothe, Ged, and St. Thomas Aquinas among his confidants. He does backflips, handstands, and quotes Aristotle, to the dismay of his friends. He also enjoys ridiculously long road trips with his wife in their camper van, Odin.

His favorite sport is Ultimate Frisbee.

His favorite author wrote an obscure novel called The Hobbit. You probably haven’t heard of it. Runners up are C.S. Lewis and Ursula K. Le Guin.

His favorite song is “I am Mountain” by Gungor. You should stop reading this bio and go listen to it!

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