The Stories

While waiting for the release of my first fantasy novel, Star Kin, I decided to compile a few of my short stories. I hope you enjoy them.

1. “The Last Man” was originally supposed to be a humor piece about unemployed guardian angels after the apocalypse. I ruined all the funny parts by being serious, but so is my nature I suppose. Enjoy!


2. “The God Mark” is a whimsical, bite-sized story I wrote between classes. Unlike most of my short fiction, which found their shape gradually over days and sometimes weeks, this one just flowed out all at once. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to rate it 1 to 5 rocket dragons… I mean stars. A huge thank you to Every Day Fiction for dragging this piece from its drafty labyrinth and into the light of publication.

3. I am incredibly honored to be voted the Every Day Fiction top author for April 2015! Check out the story that got me there.

4. Last but not least, “The Blind Man.” I conceived this story while sitting near a bay, watching boats pass and listening to the waves strike against a rocky shore.


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